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Board Games

Master an old favorite or learn a new board game. Challenge a friend or improve your skills against the computer with various levels of difficulty from novice to expert. There has never been a collection of board games like this and it's only available now from CD Earth.

Popular board games included on this CD: Chess, Backgammon, 4 Connect and more.

Operating Systems supported: Windows and Mac OSX

Reviews/Awards for the software on this CD

"great looking Jose chess system." Sun's Swing Sightings review

"plays an extremely strong game" Personal Computer World magazine

"revolutionized the game" Gelf Magazine

First Place in 11th Annual Computer Olympics world tournament in backgammon competition in Turin, Italy.

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Software Features & Screenshots:

FREE Chess Software


With this beautiful 3D chess game, you can learn to play or improve your game by playing the computer - numerous difficulty levels from beginner to expert - or challenge family and friends. There are numerous options to change the look of the board, chess pieces, movement sounds, background and clock so you may never play the same game twice.

BONUS: includes 10,000 historical, grandmaster games! View all the moves of famous games from renowned chess masters to help you improve your game - or just to enjoy.

FREE Backgammon Software


Like backgammon? Then you will love this beautiful 3D computer backgammon game. Set the difficulty level from beginner to expert. You can change the board, game pieces, and table. You can even get helpful advice and statistics to analyze and improve your game. This game won First Place in 11th Annual Computer Olympics world tournament in backgammon competition in Turin, Italy.

FREE Four Connect Software

4 Connect

Beautifully designed game in which you have to try to out-smart your opponent. The goal is to connect four stones in a straight line (across or up and down) before your opponent does. Easy to learn but a never-ending challenge.

FREE Lineo Software

Lineo Game

A fun, colorful board game with easy to learn rules. The goal is to align 4 pawns having 1 common characteristic: color, shape, hollowness or size. The catch: your opponent choses the pawn you'll play! You can play against another person or against the computer.

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