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Fun with Learning volume 1 (ages 3-10)

Learning has never been so much fun! 70 engaging, educational activities and games including math, reading, typing, science, computer literacy, geography, art, music & more. Each activity has several levels that automatically adjusts to your child's growing abilities to help them get ahead.

Operating Systems supported: Windows and MacOSX

Reviews/Awards for the software on this CD

"One program stands out for teaching kids on computers"
- ITWorld magazine

"What a bundle of fun learning games in one package!"
- Tectonic magazine

Won First Place for Educational Software in the prestigious Trophees du Libre competition.

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Software Features & Screenshots:

Just a small sample of the 70 learning and game activities on this CD...

FREE Children Learning CD

Fun with Learning Volume 1 is an educational suite of 70 learning activities for ages 2-10. Some of the activities:

  • Reading - learn letters, reading practice, find missing letter, falling words, match words to images, & more
  • Math - table memory, math games, numbers in order, count the items, draw numbers, numerous addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice game, & more
  • Computers - keyboard, mouse click and movements practice game, & more
  • Science - the canal lock, the water cycle, the submarine, electric simulation, & more
  • Geography - place the country on the map, locate regions, & more
  • Music - music memory game, match musical instrument sounds, repeat melody, & more
  • Games - chess, memory, four connect, sudoku with symbols, & more
  • Others - learn to tell time, learn colors, puzzle of famous paintings, drawing, escape the maze, cartoon making, Tower of Hanoi, & many more

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