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Personal Wealth Manager

Personal Wealth Manager will help you get control of your finances by showing you how you're doing, who you owe, how much you have and especially where it's all going. Easily download and manage your money accounts from one place including checking, savings, mutual funds, retirement, credit cards, mortgage, and other loans.

Operating Systems supported: Windows and Mac OSX

Reviews/Awards for the software on this CD

Selected Inc. Magazine "39 Great Business Bargains"

"easily track loans, mortgages, investments, and business expenses"
- Smart Computing magazine

"aimed directly at home finance. From simple checkbook reconciliation to stock portfolio management"
- PC Today magazine cover story

"allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register"
- ZDNet review

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Software Features & Screenshots:

FREE Wealth Manager Software

Financial Overview

Quick view of your overall financial picture so you always know how much you have and where it all is. With easy to read graphs and charts, you'll also see how much you owe and to whom.

  • Checkbook-style register provides a convenient and familiar interface to entering financial transactions
  • A reconcile window makes it easy to balance your statements
  • Create recurring transactions, including automatic reminders when a transaction is due so you'll never have another late fee or overdraft charge
  • Import information in various formats including Microsoft® Excel, Comma Separated Value (CSV), or QIF (Microsoft Money & Quicken®) and QFX (online banking standard)
FREE Wealth Manager Software

Account View

Clear view of your various accounts including checking, savings, credit cards, investments, retirement, mortgage and other loans.

  • Checking, Savings, Credit Card or Loan Accounts
    • Manage income and expense transactions within these accounts
    • Create your own categories and organize these transactions to track where your money comes or goes
    • Manage money transfers between accounts
    • Manage Payees
  • Stock/Bonds/Mutual Fund Accounts
    • Track your shares, bonds and related investments
    • Track the gain/loss for each investment
    • Update current share price
FREE Wealth Manager Software

Online Connection

  • Download all your bank and credit card statements directly from their website
  • Get Stock & Mutual Fund quotes online from various web sites so your portfolio is updated automatically
FREE Wealth Manager Software

Reports & Budgets

Preset reports give you a quick picture of how you spend your money each month. Setup a budget and then compare how you spend your money each month to make sure you stay within or close to that budget. Personal Wealth Manager will also track your bills and deposits and remind you of upcoming activity so you never miss a payment or deposit.

  • View spending by category over a date range for specific or all accounts
  • View spending on a single category over time
  • View income vs expenses
  • View spending by payee
  • View expenses and how you are doing on a budget
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