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Get Organized Project Organizer (GanttProject)

Get Organized Project Organizer will help you visualize your projects and get things done. Be more productive at home or work - no matter what size project you are managing - from planning your next vacation or home remodeling to managing employees or starting your own business.

Compare to Microsoft® Project Standard edition at $599.

Operating Systems supported: Windows and Mac OSX

Reviews/Awards for the software on this CD

"GanttProject's interface is very easy to use, allowing tasks to be changed by dragging and dropping" PC Pro magazine

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Software Features & Screenshots:

FREE Project Organizer (GanttProject) Software CD

Projects can quickly get complex and hard to manage. Get Organized helps you break projects into smaller parts which can be easier to monitor. The software help you visualize your projects by graphing all the subparts and how they fit together, show you their status and notify you when a task affects the overall project timeline.

Gantt chart shows a timeline, task bars and dependencies between the tasks.

FREE Project Organizer (GanttProject) Software CD

Get Organized will help you coordinate multiple people or organizations, whether you are managing several subcontractors on a home renovation or managing several team members at work. Assign tasks and timelines and then make sure they get done.

Resource chart shows your project participants and the tasks each of them is working on.

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