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What our customers say about us

Any company can say good things about its own products. The real proof of product quality and top-rate customer service is what customers think. CD Earth is fortunate to have so many happy customers who've shared their positive experiences with us.

"Thanks, You went above and beyond even without the free CD's. I will definitely remember you for any future software needs."
    - Kelda, Davin WV

"I greatly appreciate the quality of your products. I am more than thrilled by how good they are."
    - Brian, Brandon, FL

"I appreciate such professional and quick customer service response. Sometimes it difficult to conduct business via online and I have horror stories to support my belief....However, your company not only has a wonderful product, great service and low prices/good value, your overall service gets an 'A+' from better believe I'll be coming back to your company in the future."
    - Darryell, Ft Washington, MD

"The cd is working and I love, love, love it! I told another friend and showed her the cd's so she will be going to your website as well! I know you will be very successfull with your cd's! Thank you very much!"
    - Sue, Diamond Bar, CA

"Thank you very much! Your response was very fast - that's great customer service!"
    - Cathy, Marysville, CA

"Hello, You answered my question and it worked wonderful. I have been able to use the cd's which is great."
    - Shirley, New Zealand

"I am thrilled and amazed at the web page editor and I am sure your other CDs will be comparable. In less than an hour I was able to access and edit my index page with great success. I have yet to upload and I'm still learning about the properties of the software, but I expect all to be well. You should know that last year my old computer "died" and took everything with it. I had my website online but that was all I had left...When I got my new computer with all new software, I could not use the web page editor, ... and I could not manage the word processing program. Everything was a mess and I have a business to run and a book to write. For the first time since losing my old computer friend, I have hope that I can regain what I have lost because of your software. I have no doubt that my husband will be pleased for me to buy and use your software in any form. Congratulations on your wonderful software. If the rest is anything like the web page editor, I know I will be pleased. Sincerely,"
    - Merrellee, Carlsbad, NM

"U guys are way cool......I feel like paying you anyway. Your communication in all the activities and transactions has been so professional and so unlike everybody else, that I am totally impressed - not something that happens to me much. I will spread the word and keep up the great work!!!! Sincerely"
    - Scott, Boulder, CO

"Yours is a good company to work with and your Bible software is quite good. Please add me to your newsletter or emailings concerning updates or new software you come up with."
    - Rev. Phillip, Oklahoma City, OK

"Thanks for your assistance in helping me to install the CD's which you sent me. I never could have done it without your help."
    - Charles, Concord, NC

"Thanks for checking back. That information helped out alot. Everything works fine and the programs are really cool. Thanks again,"
    - Tom, Pottstown, PA

"I thoroughly enjoyed them"
    - Jacqueline, Great Britain

"Hello friends I recently had some CD's from yourselves - excellent."
    - Kevin, Great Britain

"You operate a very reputable company with great communication. Thank you again"
    - June, Stewartstown, PA

"I was looking forward to building up a library of good programs, and have enjoyed CD Earth so far"
    - Yvonne, Ogden, UT

"I shall, of course, tell my friends and family about your company's most positive attitude. I wish you and your company every success. You deserve it."
    - Joseph, Great Britain

"I will be passing your website to my friends who are interested in improving their photography techniques."
    - D.C., United Kingdom

"I have enjoyed the cd's that I have received and thank you for your service."
    - Janet, Flint, MI

"It is great to find organisations like yours that are still willing to add value to people's lives."
    - Francois, South Africa

"Thank you for your kind response and magnificent service."
    - Joseph, Great Britain

"Thanks. It's nice to run into an outfit that is quick and positive."
    - Bob, Fountain Hills, AZ

"Thanks for the quick response!"
    - Jennifer, South Africa

"I want the two other CD's they are great."
    - Sheila, Toccoa, GA

"Thanks so much for confirmation that you received the software I returned. It means a lot that someone took the time to email me. When I'm looking for software, I will certainly return to your site. Thank you for the prompt and good service."
    - Laura, Andover, ME

"Thank you so much for the CD's. They arrived today and I am very very impressed. Thanks one again."
    - Lyn, South Africa

"thank you so much."
    - Jann, Australia

"Hi Thank you for sending the 4 CD set. These are good."
    - David, Great Britain

"I believe you have found yourselves a customer"
    - Patricia, Great Britain

"I do appreciate your offer and I have to say that I do like your site and I will visit again."
    - Lance, Tampa, FL

"Thank you for excellent customer service and the process of my returned CD's. This is more of a reason for me to buy my software directly from you in the future. Thank you again, and your company should be commended for a job well done, and if only others would model after you, I think this would make one more great thing on this earth.  Thanks again. Grateful"
    - Eunice, Houston, TX

"Many thanks for the Fun with Learning CD's which we received. Our young children are thoroughly enjoying them."
    - Beulah, South Africa

"Thank you for the CDs on clipart, fonts, recipes and animation studio - they are great!"
    - Alyson, Australia

"I received the above order Open Office, Greatest Board Games, Antivirus & Firewall Security & Thunderbird Secure Email. I am very pleased with Open Office. I my opinion it is much more suitable to my needs than MS Office 2007 & I will keep Open Office & drop MS Office."
    - John, Ireland

"Thank you very much I will definately tell other people about your website."
    - Hilton, South Africa

"Hi, Thank you very much for receiving a set of 4 CD's from you. I really love it very much."
    - Priscilla, Salter Point, Australia

"Thank you. By the way the open-office is great and I will be glad to tell al of my friends."
    - Donald, Saint Johns, AZ

"Thanks for your prompt service, and I have indeed passed this on to most of the people on my emailing list."
    - Brian, New South Wales, Australia

"I really enjoy the Open Office Suite, use it all the time."
    - Jerry, Burlington, VT

"Hello, You answered my question and it worked wonderful. I have been able to use the cd's which is great."
    - Shirley, Tauranga, New Zealand

"Thank you for your courtesy. You have been a pleasure to work with in this issue. I will not forget this."  Debra, Meadville, PA

"Just want to say thank you for helping, and yes do re-enter my membership with you. I know I will enjoy this CD's Thank You again"
    - Angel, Fresno, CA

"Hi, Thank you for your prompt service and yes the Bible CDs are exactly what i was looking for."
    - Fiona, Auckland, New Zealand

"When I get the hang of these CD's there are a few more I would like to order. I greatly appreciate your time and effort and most of all your understanding.  I will refer your site to others. Thanks"
    - Faith, Tyndall, SD

"You are to be complimented on the packaging and presentation of the product."
    - Victor, Kerikeri, New Zealand

"I know your CD's are far more in value than you charge"
    - Yvonne, Ogden, UT

"Thank you once again for your prompt and efficient service.......a rarity these days."
    - Ann, QLD, Australia

"you truly care about your customers and your services. It is commendable."
    - Sam, Gilbert, AZ

"Thanks a lot for your service and best wishes for you."
    - Mike, Brooklyn, NY

"It means a lot that someone took the time to email me. When I'm looking for software, I will certainly return to your site. Thank you for the prompt and good service."
    - Laura, Andover, ME

"Thank you very much! Your response was very fast - that's great customer service!"
    - Cathy, Marysville, CA

"I greatly appreciate the quality of your products. I am more than thrilled by how good they are. I would like to request that the next CD's that art sent to me be the Web Design and Music Editing."
    - Brian, Brandon, FL

"Thank you. I would not hesitate to recommend your company."
    - Anitra, Toccoa, GA

"Thank you for writing me back and answering my questions. I appreciate your taking the time to give a real response to me. It is most helpful."
    - Marilynn, Silver City, NM

"Thank you for all your help. Your customer service has been outstanding and I will recommend your products to others. Thank you again. Have a great weekend."
    - Donna, Rolling Meadows, IL

"Thank you for handling this problem with so much courtesy. I'm also impressed with your telephon staff."
    - Leslie, Rupert, ID

"Thank you for the great customer service, and keeping me updated."
    - Pat, Fairfield, IL

"seems you have a class A company!"
    - Terry, Lake Havasu City, AZ

"Your service seems excellent to me."
    - Philip, Pasadena, CA

"How happy I was to receive my CD Earth Shippment-what a Blessing! Thank you very much, the goodness of the Lord is with you and you were honest. I have already started to pass your infomation around. I am satisfied with my CD's and you will hear from me soon."
    - Dottie, Nashville, TN

"Thank you; You have the highest recommendation from me for your professionalism."
    - John, South River, NJ

"Thank You Your Customer Service is OUTSTANDING - it is actually refreshing"
    - Donna, San Clemente, CA

"Dear CD Earth, Thank you for your quick & kind reply it is a pleasure to deal with people who are as gracious as your company is. In this crazy world we live in today it is difficult to find companies that respond in any way after the sale. (in my experience) May God bless you for your kindness, Thank you"
    - Michael, Hollywood, FL

"I am very happy with your products so far and I think I have found what I was looking for."
    - David, San Diego, CA

"Thank you for your response. I appreciate your prompt response, compared to other companies you responded most satisfactory."
    - Ralph, Alachua, FL

"Thank You for your prompt and quality services!"
    - Sanjay, Lafayette, CA

"Thank you for the confirmation and great service. Hope to do business with you again."
    - Del, Apple Valley, CA

"I appreciate your co-operation. Thank you, I do enjoy the cds I have and will recommend them to some of my friends."
    - Lucille, Winslow, ME

"Thank you for your attentiveness and concise email regarding my brief action with your company. In light of the many devious companies that now inhabit the internet, I am happy to say that you folks are a delight. Thank you very much. Sincerely"
    - Don, Portland, OR

    - James, Hollywood, FL

"Thanks, for letting me know. If I come across people that I have not sent an email, I will be sure to let them know about you."
    - Rachel, Killeen, TX

"Thank you for the trial offer. I really enjoyed the CDs. I really, really did. Thanks for everything. May God bless you in all you do."
    - Louise, Houston, TX

"Thank you. I am VERY IMPRESSED with your service."
    - Denise, Columbia, MO

"Hi, Thank you very much for these wonderful CDs I received yesterday. I do appreciate your service of the lovely and delicate CD booklet. It is really wonderful to have them in studying Bible with a bunch of reference."
    - Esther, Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you very much f your confirmation of my return. I will recommend your programs to others and would consider using them again in the future."
    - Rick, St. Joseph, MI

"I would like to thank you for your courteous service and prompt actions. You are one of the only companies I have dealt with that make things easy with simple instructions, confirmations, and primarily - dont keep charging way after a cancellation! Thank you again"
    - Patricia, Poughkeepsie, NY

    - Tom, Gainesville, GA

"Thanks for your excellent service."
    - John, Pensacola, FL

"Thank you for the CDs that I am keeping. I am sure that they will prove to be most useful in the future."
    - Pat, MB, Canada

"Thank you for the response but I got things straightened out I would like to tell you that I really do enjoy the fonts and other cds I got. Thank you so much."
    - Susan, Chico, TX

"Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful cd's. I really am enjoying them."
    - Beth, Phoenix, AZ

"I look forward to dealing with you for a long time, you people seem to be in tune with your customers. I like that."
    - Bonnita, Charlestown, NH

"I just received my second order of CD's I enjoyed the first order and I am looking forward to enjoying the second."
    - Michael, Downey, CA

"I love the software. Thanks"
    - Sharon, Brenham, TX

"Thanks for this latest help...think I finally have it!! Some time ago I had a computer service employee working to help me with some problems, he must have installed an incorrect CD or something...anyway, thanks you for your assistance in correcting the problem."
    - Mardy, Largo, FL

"What great customer service."
    - Terry, Kaysvile, UT

"Hello I just wanted to let you know that I got my soft ware and I love it thank you so much and God bless you."
    - Stephen, Winston Salem, NC

"In this day and age it is a comfort to know that there is a company out there who still gives good customer service. Should I ever get good with my computer skills, I know who to turn to. Thank you."
    - William, Apollo Beach, FL

"Thank you. You guys at CDEarth run an impressive operation. I'm definitely passing the word on to friends and family. cheers and keep up the great work."
    - Yvon, Quebec, Canada

"I definitely will give you a detailed feed back, as I see how seriously you are taking the mail from your customers."
    - Leon, Cleveland, OH

"Thank You Very Much. You guys are great to deal with."
    - Harold, Spring Grove, PA

"Dear Customer Service, When I finished getting my order for your website, I did exactly as you asked after I talked with my son who lives in Virginia. He told me that he would tell to everyone he knew also because he knew several people who had or did want Microsoft Office Suite. I sent emails to seven other people as well and I told them about the other wonderful CDs that I am to receive. I sincerely hope that my advertising done brings you some great customers for their benefit as well as yours."
    - Ethel, Warm Springs, GA

"I appreciate all the time you took with my situation."
    - Ashby, Forest Hill, MD

"Thank you for responding so quickly! I want to inform you the disks came in the mail on Saturday. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help spread the word about your product."
    - Michael, Manchester, NH

"All that remains for me to say is thank you for the excellent discs I received."
    - David, United Kingdom

"Thanks for your assistance with installing my other three CDs. I appreciate your help. Everything you recommended worked. I truly appreciate it."
    - James, Arlington, TX

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the no hassle return and your prompt customer service. When I am in the market for software, I will contact you as well as recommend you to others."
    - Karen, Pickerington, OH

"THANK YOU ! By making my needs your priority, I will look to CD first for my future software purchases, and pass on to my friends, my satisfaction with how you have done business with me."
    - Reed, Deltona, FL

"Just a quick note - I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how EASY it was to receive my free trial cd s and also to cancel without any hassles. I have cancelled my account for now, but I can see myself using your services in the future. Once again, thanks for making it so user friendly!"
    - Jacquelyn, Nampa, ID

"You have made a greatest software's that I ever seen before. CD Earth is great and all."
    - Miles, Portsmouth, VA

"I really do like the 4-CD's I purchased from CDEarth, LLC"
    - Sandy, Taylorsville, UT

"Actually, thank you for following up (not used to companies doing that anymore!) The previous instructions you sent, to go into the d drive and run them from there worked fine... but I appreciate your "persistance to my problem"...I was a customer service rep for a major utility company for 18 years, I find customer service to be very lacking these days, and I again, appreciate your concern for my problems."
    - Susan, Venice, FL

"Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful site. I found it very helpful and inspiring thanks."
    - Tonya, Danville, VA

"I've tried the discs and I'm keeping them now, they're absolutely fantastic"
    - Brett, N.S.W, Australia

"Thank you for the outstanding software I get to keep and I plan to purchase additional software in the near future"
    - Michael, Memphis, TN

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