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Web Design Studio (Nvu)

Web Design Studio makes creating and managing your website a snap. Now anyone can create professional web pages and manage a website - no technical expertise required. Compares to other retail packages costing up to $400 such as Macromedia® Dreamweaver and Microsoft® Frontpage.

Operating Systems supported: Windows and Mac OSX

Reviews/Awards for the software on this CD

"Installation was a breeze on our Windows review machine...All in all, it projects the professional and polished appearance that you would expect from any well-designed piece of software.” The Star review

APC Magazine Internet Technology Awards 2007 finalist for Web Design

"Nvu makes it easy to create, update, and publish basic web pages without having to know a lick of the hypertext makup language (HTML) that underlies the web page design. However, it also adds features geared to more expert Web designers, including a Cascading Style Sheet editor, support for HTML forms and PHP code, and an HTML markup cleaner." PC World Magazine

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Software Features & Screenshots:

FREE Web Design Studio NVU Software CD

Web Design Studio is a fully featured what-you-see-is-what-you-get web page editor, enabling you to create compelling web pages without learning programming or HTML. If you can type a letter with a word processor, you can create beautiful web pages with Web Design Studio.

FREE Web Design Studio NVU Software CD  

The software includes...

  • A style sheet editor
  • Tabbed workspaces so you can work on multiple pages at once
  • Full support for forms, tables, and templates
  • Integrated FTP site manager so you can directly edit your pages on the fly
  • Supports all the latest web technologies including XML, CSS and JavaScript
  • and all the other features you've come to expect from a fully-featured web page editor
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